VIDEO: Simone Biles Goes to Bat Against Jimmy Kimmel About Imo’s Pizza

Simone Biles has basically claimed the identify of Imo’s Pizza’s No. 1 fan. While artists Harry Styles and Mick Jagger have pretty much sworn their allegiance to the Arch, Biles has proven time and time again that the square beyond compare was the highlight of her St. Louis experience.

And this time, she fought against Jimmy Kimmel’s opinion that “Imo’s is very, very bad pizza.”

In a clip from Kimmel’s September 23 show, Kimmel details that his wife is from St. Louis and he’s heard Biles “really loves Imo’s Pizza.” Biles and Kimmel begin to argue about the quality of provel — Biles says it’s the best, the great number says “provel is the most disgusting cheese.”

“We could fight right now,” Biles laughs.

Kimmel declined a physical fight against Biles, saying he doesn’t want to get beat up, and then had a box of Imo’s brought out and said the people at the business are “very nice.”

“But, provel is to provolone what Velveeta is to cheddar,” Kimmel says.

When the crowd laughs, Kimmel looks at them and tells them it’s not a joke — it’s the description. He then recaps the time he bought his wife a frozen pizza for Valentine’s Day, thinking he had melted the plastic over the cheese when he first tried the dish.

The gymnast, who has also received plenty of frozen pizza from the St. Louis biz, consistently defended the ‘za. Kimmel ended up caving to Biles’ will, saying that the pizza brought out tasted better than his first experience.

Biles visited Kimmel to promote the “G.O.A.T – Gold Over America Tour” that kicks off today in Anaheim, California. The tour comes to St. Louis at the Enterprise Center on October 15. Tickets are obtainable on Ticketmaster. Let’s hope that she gets some well-deserved Imo’s delivered when she’s in town next.

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