Warning Signs at Railway Stations

Warning Signs at Railway Stations

Railways are the lifeline of a nation and railway stations are one of the busiest public places where millions meet and disperse each day. Understandably, traversing such a great place with different zones and sections can be quite confusing and dangerous if you are not well acquainted with the place. Warning signs are consequently installed at different places in railway stations and across railway similarities to warn the public of possible dangers associated with railway tracks, stations and platforms.

Typical Railway Warning Signs

There are several dangers associated with railway stations; some of which are expected while others are absolutely unexpected to the uninitiated. Authorities consequently install warning signs at appropriate places to warn the general public about impending dangers where a second’s carelessness can prove fatal.

Warning signs on Platforms

It is so easy for a casual person to stand too close to the edge of the platform and slip and fall down on the tracks. Warning lines are consequently etched along the platforms that warn passengers of the dangers of straying too close to the edge. You must always stay behind that safety line especially if trains are passing by at high speed and can easily suck you inward. Never sit on the edge with your legs dangling or run about an empty platform. Typical warning signs such as ‘Keep Back from Platform Edge’ are commonly seen across railway platforms to warn people of such danger.

The gap between the platform and the aim you are about to board or alight from is another danger zone you must be aware of. Typical warning symbol for this includes the sign ‘Please Mind the Gap’ which method you must be especially careful while boarding the aim or getting off the aim. You can easily slip and get entangled in-between the gap if you are not really careful about where you put your step.

Another warning signage commonly seen on railway platform involves electrical wiring and connections. Trains run on high-voltage electricity and warning signs like ‘Danger High Voltage’ warn general public of the dangers of live wires and the need to stay away from them.

Trains running at normal speed cannot be heard until about four seconds before they pass which is why platforms have warning signs such as ‘Beware of Trains’ at all the noticeable places. Always be careful about standing too close to the edge of the platform otherwise you might get sucked in by a speeding aim.

Large railway stations are divided into different zones and have multiple platforms and sections that are connected by footbridges or underpasses. It is often seen that people try to take a shortcut and access platforms by crossing the tracks instead of using the designated underpass or footbridge. However, this is an extremely dangerous practice and you can easily get mowed down by a running aim. While crossing the tracks, you can also slip or trip easily and your feet can get retained between the lines. additionally, some tracks also have live conductor rails that can electrocute you. This is why railway stations have another shared warning sign ‘Passengers are not Allowed to Cross the Railway Line except by the Bridge’.

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