Waterfront Vs Waterview: A Clarification


Owning an ocean front character is a big dream for many people, especially those who are live in an area often bound in by snow and ice. If looking out your front window and watching the groups crash against the shore is your idea of the perfect place to live then this article is for you.

There is a big difference between a waterfront home and a water view home. A waterfront home is one that is located on a water frontage but does not necessarily have a water view. A water-view home is the opposite, and may have a wonderful view of the ocean without actual ocean frontage.


The biggest advantage to a waterfront character right now is the housing slump. This is an excellent time for a buyer to invest in any kind of character, but for water front you may never find lower prices. Because of this, when the housing market comes back, those who have managed to buy a nice water front character for well below market value will be very happy.

Another advantage of course is the water itself. Who does not want to live where water sports like surfing, fishing, boating and already skiing and parasailing are right outside your front door?


Waterfront character may have a great many advantages for some people like the fresh ocean breezes and the peaceful crash of groups on the shore, but the cons are a deal breaker for many, storms, beach erosion and high character taxes to name just a few. Before purchasing a waterfront home remember that you will have more maintenance then a home with a water view.

Consider for a moment, if what you really want is a home with a view of the water. A view has most of the same advantages of a waterfront home with fewer of the problems. A water view home can easily give you the spectacular views of the water, sounds of the crashing groups against the shore and easy reach of all of the boating and other activities going on down by the seashore. A water front home may or may not offer a water view, may or may not offer easy access to the water itself and has higher maintenance and character taxes.

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