We Choose Our Destiny

We Choose Our Destiny

I had contemplated visiting a psychic for some time, so when I found a psychic fair in Indianapolis, I decided to go. Not knowing what to expect, I went with an open mind thinking that I needed some feedback on all of the new truths I had been taught, and I also needed some expert advice.

I was totally amazed that these people could be so accurate about what was going on in my life when they didn’t already know my name.

I was told that I would be going by a great spiritual re-birth and that I would be involved in a great relationship with another woman in three to five years. It would be a great relationship, but we would struggle financially.

Inwardly, I realized that the woman would not be Barb. At that point, the psychic asked me, “Is there a boy named Stephen in your life”?

I said, “No, I have three daughters, Why do you ask”? Her reply came, I keep seeing a little boy on a tricycle playing around you”.

This was indeed puzzling, and to this day I have no idea what that was all about. I would learn over time, that many times it takes many years before everything we learn in a psychic reading to come about and many times, we have one question answered, only to have several more pop up.

To my dismay, no one told me what to do, but I was shown what would probably happen, depending on which path I decided to take. I was told in no uncertain terms that no one could tell me what to do, the decision was thoroughly mine, the psychics could only advise me on the probability of any outcome, based upon the decision I made. Many times, it boils down to what we need to do instead of what we want to do.

After we get the need to do’s out of the way, then we can do the want to do’s. While we are working on the need to do’s, we can begin to venture into the want to do arena.

I went away more confused than when I came, but I did come to the realization that we as human beings, do choose our own destiny. And if we do choose our own reality, then that choice has to extend back to the period of time before birth. We do choose the body we incarnate into, in addition as the family we are born into. The decision perhaps has to be approved by a council, or the God Source, to make sure it is for the highest good of all concerned, but the final decision is ours.

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