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According to a recent survey report, the focus on Unified Communication has largely increased in Malaysia, Singapore and other Asia Pacific vicinity in the last few years. The report submitted by research house Frost & Sullivan shows this rise on the backdrop of tremendous demands for video conferencing, data sharing, call control, web casting and other teleconferencing sets by the business firms located in the vicinity. It is estimated that the communication industry will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.2 per cent as against around 5 per cent now.

A large number of companies have emerged as the solution provider to the communication needs of the business organizations located in the vicinity. Cisco is one such leading Unified communication solution provider that provides an ideal platform for merging audio, video and web conferencing by webcasting and webinar sets.

A webcast is basically used to move live videos, presentation or any other things to a large number of people located in different parts of the world by streaming media technology. however webinar is a term derived by the combination of Web and seminar and is used for conducting seminar and presentation over long distances.

Webinars are very much similar to a conference room seminar except that the participants are located at far off places who participate in the time of action by computer systems. These systems are integrated in such a way that the audio and video data are conveyed to each participant at the same time. additionally, the time of action being Interactive, each participants can keep their view and contribute in the activity. except seminar and presentation, webinar is also used for successfully conducting business meeting without any glitch. It is for these reasons that business organizations seek webinars solution for their communication needs over long distance.

A reputed company like Cisco Jabber provide all the three tools of UC solutions namely moment Messaging, Collaboration and sustain for mobility at a reasonable cost. large number of features like file move, desktop sharing, desktop video sharing and strength presentation has helped countries like Malaysia to grow into a global business center. These sets has cut the travel cost and has also saved a lot of precious time of the business executives. additionally, it has helped countries like Singapore and Malaysia earn carbon credits which is at the spotlight of their agendas.

The various features of conferencing sets are largely availed by education and hi-tech industries and Banking and Financial sets Institutions (BFSI), for far away communication. consequently, web conferencing sets is expected to play a meaningful role in the growth of these sectors. consequently, the benefits of webinar sets are huge and the future of conferencing sets looks very promising.

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