Website Designing Basics – Designing Your Website

Website Designing Basics – Designing Your Website

Website Designing is not a tough task. Using easy steps you too can make a very simple website.

According to the estimations of internet Service Company Netcraft the total number of websites in the world during the start of 2011 was 324,697,205. while IT industry reports say that the only 1% of the websites are owned by Indians. As per the latest records the total number of internet users in India is 81 million and by the year 2013 it will raise to the level of users in USA and China.

Today in this world every 25 net users have 1 website. In India there is only one website per 100 users as we are not concerned about websites because we consider website designing not less than rocket science. But from a simple technical knowledge you can make a simple website.

Step-1 – Domain Name is Important

Before designing any website it is important to understand the purpose of the website. If you want to make a website according to your name or profession, then you have to register a domain for that. Domain name is the identity of your website and from this name your site can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In simple language domain name is a long-lasting web address or URL which a user types on the address bar of their browser to open a specific website. As per the web hosting statistics the registered domain names in USA are 70 million and 62 lakhs while in India it is only 6 lakhs and 11 thousand only. Every day thousands of domains are booked. Although the user has to pay some fees in return to register domain.

How to Choose the Right Domain

” Select a domain resembling your profile or brand name.

” Domain name must not be very long, so that it easily gets register in the user brain.

” There is a facility to register domain name in Hindi other languages.

” The assistance of short domain name is that it gets correct and fast results on search engines.

” If your desired domain name is already registered then use plurals or the or my forms to register the domain.

” domain is obtainable for $ and is obtainable for less then $2. Besides you have to revive it yearly. and namecheap can be used to search and buy domains.

Step-2 – Select a web great number

The web great number company has several computers are connected with internet. When you upload your web page on their computer they get connected with the internet, after which the users can access it. After purchasing domain name you have to sign-up with a web hosting company so that your website has its own house. You can buy web hosting from as low as $3 per month to $ 50 per month depending upon your needs. The responsibility of the web great number is to insure that users can access the website any time from any where without any difficulty.

Step-3 – WebPage Designing

Create a Blueprint of the webpage

in any case website you are making it is very important that first you make a template or blue print of the website. You can make blue print on a computer or a paper. Its Advantage will be That we will get an idea of content and designing.

Website designing

Website is usually of two types – Static and dynamic. Static websites are non interactive and are one way sites, where users can only take information from the website. While dynamic websites are interactive and gets updated regularly. E-commerce, newspaper etc sites fall under the category of dynamic website. There are many web editors obtainable online by which you can make a web page.

WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) editors can help you in designing websites. By the help of Amazon web sets, composer, seamonkey composer, Microsoft sharepoint designer one can create a web page. Also on you can make a free site. Or with the help of a specialized or Web hosting site you can create your web page. You can also create your own web page on bigrock, here there are many tools, images and other useful sets which are obtainable at a monthly subscription of $4 to $50. While professionals can charge any amount between $100 to $500 depending upon the need of your site for designing your site.

Content Is King

Content is the soul of any website. The more interesting the content is the more traffic will increase on the site. It is important to keep the content updated on your site. For this you can seek help of a specialized writer.

Website Testing

After publishing website comes website testing. After publishing open your site in different browsers. This is important because HTML codes do not sustain some browsers. in addition as check the Sites downloading time, broken image and navigation details on different web pages.

Step-4 – Take help of Search Engines

To promote website it is important that it is listed on search engines. For this users can also take help of search engine optimization (SEO). Use the right keywords in your content during Website designing. You can use keywordtraker. By the help of SEO you can unprotected to top rankings in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

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