What Is The Very Best Way For A Christian To Pray For Another Person?

What Is The Very Best Way For A Christian To Pray For Another Person?

Many have heard that we’re produced in the image and likeness of God and it’s true. Remember God spoke everything into existence (call those things that be not as though they were Romans 4:17 and check out Proverbs 18:21) and that method we should speak/declare/affirm the promises of God into our life and others (mainly) daily. Every child of God should.

When we keep saying what is, we give more strength to WHAT IS or what is happening.

When we keep saying what God’s words say, we give more strength to what IT SAYS directly in our life and also indirectly into other loved ones.

If they are looking for help and you and I are praying for them, they are in harmony with our prayers which then makes that a direct connection. If they are not looking for help, our prayers remains indirectly and those words are not wasted but instead are being built up, stored up until that are receptive to receive help from God. God never controls people and nor should we.

HINT: What is written in the bible is much more powerful than what is happening in our lives (and other people lives) this day, so run with this truth, declare/affirm and keep declaring the blessed life, the good life, declare/affirm God’s plans because his plans are for our good. Amen? Amen!

Another excellent assistance to praying for others is this, did you know that when we pray for others often, our prayers get answered? It’s true. When we know how to pray and we have a relationship with God because of Jesus by the spirit of the LORD (the Holy Ghost) and we pray for others often, our prayers get answered over and over again.

It’s the unselfish prayer that God seeks to answer. In the past, I’ve prayed selfish prayers before when I didn’t know God and didn’t know how to effectively pray.

My old prayers sounded like, “bless me, protect me, help me, show me the way, give me, shelter me, bless (this person) and shower me, me, me, me and also don’t forget me Lord. This is very selfish and from what I have learned this really turns off God.

I’d already get upset at God for not answering those selfish prayers. However after I learned they were selfish prayers and God desires that I become selfless, I turned to the Lord in repentance and ask to forgive me for being so wrong and so into myself and not considering God’s other fearfully and wonderfully made creations and there are billions and billions and billions of them.

So began my journey to learn how to pray effectively. Praying in the spirit, prayer of intercession, prayer of declaration, prayer of appeal, prayer of supplication and such. In this article I’m going to create a group of form prayers of declaration that you could pray for others and then lastly yourself. All you do is whenever you see a blank (… ), you say that persons name where the (… ) is. That’s it.

You will notice I say often “in the name of Jesus or in Jesus’ name” and the reason being is that Jesus’ name is above every name (Philippians 2:9-11) and I believe prayer without his name is like a universe without life. Jesus’ name brings life to every situation and circumstance. His name is again above every name, sickness, disease, poverty, debt, without, abuse, fear, death, doubt, unbelief, etc. in any case the name, Jesus has got us covered. Believe it!

Again whenever you see a blank (… ), you say that persons name in it. After you have done this for one or (if you have the time) a few people people, then go back to the top and say your name. Go ahead. Be generous. Words of faith a powerful and God loves a cheerful giver, no matter if it’s things or words. Be a blessing and show your love. God will notice already if no one else does. God is always good, all the time. It’s music to his ears when we pray for others according to his information (which is his will).

Let’s begin…

Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus, I call upon you today asking you to bless (… ) and show (… ) great and mighty things which (… ) does not know according to the book of Jeremiah 33:3. Help (… ) to see that you have a wonderfully planned out life already set up for certain success already predestined for (them/me).

You know what (… ) has gone by in life. You alone are the true living Most High God and I ask you to bless your seed, bless (… ) with your favor today in Jesus’ name. I ask for your unmerited favor to flow in (… )’s life today and everyday following more and more.

Forgive (… ), for in some situations (… ) does not know what (he/she) is doing. I pray that (… ) will know that by sowing grace (… ) will reap grace. By showing forgiveness, (… ) will receive in return forgiveness.

In the name above all names, I pray in Jesus’ name that you Holy Spirit will open their spiritual eyes, their spiritual ears and their spiritual understanding more and more so (… ) will not be ignorant to their calling and fulfill all that you have predestined for (… ) to complete.

(… ) made their way by 40 million sperms at conception and (… ) has a destiny, a purpose and I pray that (they/I) will come to know it in Jesus’ mighty name.

Father God, dismantle evil powers working to frustrate (… )’s day, assignments and activities. Superimpose your will over the will of evil spirits and evil men in (… )’s life.

Let (… ) be surrounded by those whom you have produced just for (… )’s success and wealth and that others you placed in (… )’s life to receive an over flow of blessings into their personal life in Jesus’ name.

I agree with your information Father God and I speak into the air, knowing that there is no distance in the spirit vicinity and declare, “let there be light in (… )’s life now and today in the name of Jesus.”

According to Genesis 1:28 (… ) shall be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion, I agree with this today in Jesus’ name and I look forward to see (… ) actively fulfilling their purpose on earth.

I declare (… ) shall live long and strong in Jesus’ name.

I declare and decree the anointing of the Holy Spirit flows uncontaminated and unhindered upon (… )’s life, the anointing that is upon (… )’s life repels every individual with a diabolical assignment, I declare and decree, let there be light in (… )’s life this day, greater than yesterday in Jesus’ name.

According to first Chronicles 4:10, you father God will bless (… ) indeed, that you would enlarge (… )’s coast, (… )’s territory, that you would be with (… ) and keep (… ) from evil. I agree with that today and every day to come in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, according to the book of Revelations 12:11, (… ) overcomes the devil and all the strength of the enemy by the blood of the lamb and by the information of (… )’s testimony and I agree that it is done and being done and shall continue to prosper in the will of God in Jesus’ name.

I plead the blood of Jesus over everything and everyone connected to (… ) on all levels, past, present and future and I declare that the blood of Jesus is the burden removing, yoke destroying, protective, empowering, forgiving, delivering, thriving, holy, righteous, conquering, ever living, consistent force that shall never be defeated in the believers life in Jesus’ name.

According to the book of John 14:14, if (… ) ask anything in your name Jesus, you will do it. I thank you for doing so in your name. Thank you Jesus.

In Jesus’ name (… ) is greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved, you put (… ) together, you are “the great I AM”, you used your divine skill, you used your fathomless knowledge, you used your perfect hands and made (… ) and called (… ) fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalm 139:14.

You said that (… ) is a chosen generation, a royal priesthood according to first Peter 2:9. You Lord said that (… ) is a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, an ambassador for Christ, a joint heir with Jesus according to Romans 8:17.

In Jesus’ name according to Galatians 3:13-14 (… ) is redeemed from the curse, (… ) is complete in you Jesus in Colossians 2:10 and (… ) is seated in heavenly places with Christ according to Ephesians 2:6.

According to the book of Ephesians 2:8-9 (… ) is saved by grace, you said that (… ) has strength/authority over Satan according to Luke 10:19 and you prepared for (… ) a good future.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 says so!

I thank you for showing (… ) their good future, thank you for teaching (… ) to profit and leading (… ) in the way they should go according to the book of Isaiah 48:17.

Show (… ) in signs, dreams, visions and wonders this day, this week, this month, this year their purpose, their mission, let (… ) have visitations with true men and women of God that will bless, encourage, minister and assist them today in Jesus’ name.

According to Psalm 91, (… ) is blessed with great protection by great and mighty angels and those powerful and holy guardian angels shall always be in (… )’s presence in Jesus’ name.

I declare and decree in the name of Jesus, (… ) dwells in the secret place of the most high God according to the book of Psalm 91.

I thank you for your almighty influence in (… )’s life. Strengthen the hedge of protection around (… )’s life, (… )’s possessions, (… )’s family, (… )’s friends and associates, past, present and future in Jesus’ name. Let the divine connections that you have prepared for (… )’s life be present and fully known in Jesus name.

I declare that (… ) is the head and not the tail, above and not beneath and the Holy Spirit dwells, abides, abounds and empowers (… ) every second, every minute, every hour of this day and everyday that is to come, so I say again, Let there be light in (… )’s life today and everyday after in Jesus’ name.

According to Isaiah 54:17 no weapon formed against (… ) shall prosper and I agree with this holy information in Jesus name, Amen.


In the name of Jesus I lift up (… ) in the spirit and thank you Holy Spirit for praying by me the perfect will of God over (… ) and I thank you for using me as a point of contact that will edify, comfort and bless (them/myself).

-Now You Can Pray in the Spirit-

Now, no one is perfect but God however when one practices to pray the perfect will of God (praying in the spirit/tongues daily and praying the information of God daily) one can and will bring the perfect will of God to manifest or to come to pass in ones life.

In most situations, many are waiting on God to move on their behalf however when we give God something to work with every single day, we would not be in want but instead be in God’s perfect will. This is the place we need to be to walk in the complete victory of our redemption. Below is a link to a website that has 3 eBooks that I have made obtainable for anyone to download for free.

God bless you and thank you for reading and praying for another this day.

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