Where to Find Shower Parts at Affordable Prices

Where to Find Shower Parts at Affordable Prices

Refurbishing your complete home or just a bathroom or two? You will most definitely be searching for the best prices. In order to get your money’s worth in addition to selecting the most reliable and useable plumbing materials you might want to consider purchasing from a wholesale supply. The so called “big box” stores will have shower parts and fitments but not necessarily at the best pricing or exactly what you need. Look for warehouse plumbing suppliers on the internet and you can see how great a price break you can receive by not just purchasing locally.

Select your plumbing supplies according to need

When plumbing a new home or changing over from older style to modern equipment and connections you will want to decide on what kind you wish to use. You can basically choose between metered or electronic and within those categories you additionally have choices to make. Metered showers have a metering valve that allows selection of just the proper water temperature in addition as the proper amount of flow for your personal taste and enjoyment of the daily shower. Electric showers have a water source that is separated from the rest of the households plumbing and consequently has its own temperature control for consistent and dependably soothing and pleasing showering experiences each time you use the facility.

Electric showers should be minimum 8.5kW

If you have decided on an electric shower for you needs you have made a wise choice particularly if you want total control over your water temperature and amount of water pressure according to what is obtainable in your homes plumbing system. Electric systems come in a variety of control options ranging from 7.5kW up to 10.5kW and already higher if desired. A good minimum is considered at 8.5kW and will provide sufficient water temp and flow for most situations. However if your home has lower pressure than most you may want the “beefier” unit that will conquer the house’s shortfalls and give you a comfortable showering experience each time.

It’s better to select top quality shower parts initially so problems and dissatisfaction will not show up later. A top of the line electric shower will give plenty of water pressure along with selection of strength, a numbered temp control and various spray options. And that electric shower is independent from the rest of the houses water source as it supplies its own temperature control.

Metered showers work with sufficient water pressure

Selecting a metered shower source will assure you have just the right temperature as long as the pressure is sufficient to the bathroom. They have thermostatic mix valves that supply an excellent rate of flow and most are lime extent resistant to keep your plumbing shower parts flowing and operating as they should for years. Metered showers may be either fully recessed behind the wall or have exposed fitments and work well with either boilers which are fully modulating or where the water’s heating system and source are multi point. Look for the best prices but don’t skimp on the quality and you will be assured your next shower will treat you like royalty.

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