Why Did Jay Cutler Win the 2009 Mr Olympia?

Why Did Jay Cutler Win the 2009 Mr Olympia?


Most of the bodybuilding community had doubts over Jay Cutler winning the Mr. Olympia title again this year since he lost it Dexter Jackson during 2008 Contest.

After all, no one in history ever lost the ultimate crown in bodybuilding only to reclaim it afterwards. Ronnie Coleman tried to do that feat recently but failed.

Jay Cutler is deemed by many fans to without the genetics to win multiple Sandow titles because of his presumably blocky structure. His waists are wider than most bodybuilders and his abdominal muscles do not have the symmetry that many posses.

During the preparations towards the Olympia 2009 Jay Cutler promised to bring a whole new package that would undoubtedly be his best so far. The 2009 competitors were complete of talent. This was considered by many experts as the strongest line up ever to grace the Olympia stage. The 2009 Competition was heated months before competition day.

With current champ Dexter Jackson always on top form, and new entries like Kai Greene and fan favorite Phil Heath and the resurgence of the Dominican Dominator Victor Martinez everyone seemed to forget about Jay Cutler.

During the Olympia Press Conference everyone noticed Jay’s underwater confront and new hair cut. It was almost as if he scared the competitors with very his very low body fat percentage. He was covered all around to hide his true physique.

Come pre-judging, Jay shocked the judges, the crowds and the bodybuilding writers. He looked exceptional and came striated all over. His traps and usually smooth biceps were all dry and sinewy.

His conditioning was beyond belief and showed vascularity that has never before been seen in a Jay Cutler. As soon as he got out it was game over. The scores reflected a complete and total domination from the second place Branch Warren and third place ex-champ Dexter Jackson.

On Saturday night it was all the same. With his conditioning barely dropping Jay once again took the top identify on the bodybuilding judges’ score cards. History was made. Jay Cutler was the first man ever to have lost and reclaimed bodybuilding’s ultimate price, the Mr. Olympia 2009 title and the Sandow trophy that comes along.

Although a bit smaller, his size nevertheless dominated the competition. Combined with his very much improved conditioning he was untouchable that night. With respect to the other bodybuilders they simply could not come close. Just as the judges later on reflected on their score cards.

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