Why Do I Have to Pay So Much Child sustain?

Why Do I Have to Pay So Much Child sustain?

This is a question I often get from clients paying child sustain.

If you are currently paying sustain then you know in California there is a guideline formula which the courts follow to determine the amount that the paying party must provide to the custodial parent.

Generally speaking, both parties have a financial obligation to provide sustain for their children and this obligation is determined by the very popular program known as the “Dissomaster” This tax based program takes into consideration the income of both parents, the time each spends with the children, and other important factors such as mortgage interest payments, union dues, medical deductions, child case expenses, etc. Based on the numbers plugged into this program a payment amount is produced.

So to answer the question ‘Why do I have to pay so much child sustain?’: it might be a number of factors such as the following:

1) You make way more money than the other parent… (and NO your new spouse’s income is not considered for child sustain)

2) You do not use a lot of time with the children. The average (this is changing ..) timeshare is typically 20% to the “non custodial” parent and 80% to the custodial parent.

3) You pay a lot of interest on your home (this truly increases your obligation because you are allowed to claim such expense on your tax return so its essentially considered a assistance to you).

4) The other parent pays the medical costs.

5) Your children have high daycare expenses.

So before going to court or talking to your spouse (or ex) about child sustain be sure to meet with an attorney who can run the numbers by the program and who can then advise you on these five factors.

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