Why We Need To Reform The 3 Branches Of Government?: My Recommendation…

The United States Government, as conceived, by this nation’s. Founding Fathers, conceived, three, co – equal, branches of government, in order to ensure, a Balance of strength, to protect the integrity, and service of our government, and reduce the risks of abusing strength! These 3 branches are: (1) Executive Branch, which refers to, things related to the strength of the President, including his Cabinet members, and other appointments; (2) Legislative, which encompasses, both Houses of Congress (Senate and House of Representatives), each with specific responsibilities, and authority, etc; and, (3) Judiciary, including, all Federal Judges, and Courts, especially, those appointed to long, and/ or, lifetime locaiongs. This may become a, slightly – delicate, balance, but, unless, every effort is made, to consistently, ensure, it remains, we put our system of government, at – risk! With that in mind, this article will, briefly, attempt to, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these 3 branches, and some shared sense, precautions, which might make us safer, and protect all out Constitutional rights, freedoms, and guarantees!

1. Executive: Often, we discuss, whether, the strength of the President, is enough, too – much, or, too – little! These past – four years, should have taught us, why this matters! To protect abuse, and suspicions, every candidate for the highest office in our land, should/ must be required, to produce his tax returns, for, at the minimum, the past 5 years, in addition as pass, a thorough, security check, to ensure, his fitness/ appropriateness, for the position! In addition, there should be some guidelines, for the necessary, degree of applicable experience (after all, already, most organizations, require specific experience, etc, before qualifying, for office)!

2. Congress: The House of Representatives, is, supposed to, have the strength – of – the – purse – strings, and consequently, the responsibility, to prepare, and approve, a well – considered, applicable, responsible, budget! Unfortunately, as we often observe, partisan politics, often, gets in the way, of quality representation! The Senate is considered, the Senior – Body, and, consequently, is supposed to approve Presidential appointments, etc. One of the challenges, seems to be, we often, observe, individuals, in Congress, who, have been there, too long, and seem, out – of – touch, or, too comfortable, in their locaiongs. Isn’t it, past – time, for us, to seriously, consider, Term Limits? This course of action should balance the advantages of experience, and knowledge, with the above – stated, disadvantages. For that reason, I feel, a good compromise, might be, House members, be limited to 10 terms, and Senators, to 4 terms.

3. Judiciary: Before, anyone, should be eligible, for serving, either on the U.S. Court of Appeals, and/ or, especially, as a possible, Supreme Court Justice, they must meet, some strict guidelines/ qualifications! This should begin, with nominees, being submitted to an impartial body (such as the American Bar Association Review, etc), to check qualifications, experience, skill, and past – records. Shouldn’t individuals, charged – with, making, often, such important, applicable, sustainable decisions, and appointed to lifetime appointments, be held to specific standards, to ensure, their qualifications, to serve, in that position?

Wake up, America, and, need, a better – application, of/ for, the Balance of Powers, between these 3 branches of government! Let’s, truly, make America, continue its greatness, as conceived, by our Founders!

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