Why You Should Talk Instead of Text

Why You Should Talk Instead of Text

Technology has made communication moment and in real time, I guess that would be a real understatement because having a confront to confront conversation is moment and real time. When you take away the visual ques, facial expressions, sighs and pauses that are noticeable in a confront to confront conversation something is lost in the translation and understanding of the thing being said.

The same difficulties can be said about video conferencing. Although you can see the confront of the person you are speaking with, the non verbal ques are hidden from the camera’s view; things like the speaker being fidgety, playing with the ring on the finger and tapping the foot on the floor are missed. When obvious signs are missing in the communication course of action, are we effectively communicating? The ability to adjust or change the time of a discussion or conversation is possible when you have facial expressions that either show acceptance or doubt.

My preference is to talk to the person I’m communicating with, confront to confront is ideal and over the phone is the second best way. Being able to hear the pauses, sighs and back ground noises on a phone conversation are all apart of the communication course of action. In telephone conversations, you can ascertain or detect the interest level of the person on the other end. Attitudes, emotions and disagreements can be sensed and the appropriate responses can be given when you hear certain verbal and non verbal ques. Believe it or not, back ground noises can be helpful in the communication course of action.

While having a conversation with my son, he expressed his frustration with having friends who would rather text than talk on the phone. To my amazement, a good friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in years preferred text messages over talking. While sending text messages back and forth one evening, I said to him, “I’ll call you to explain the details, this is too much information to text” he replied, “Id rather text, I’m better at it”. I prefer talking to an individual over sending text messages because of the learning involved in the time of action of communicating.

I believe your ability to interact and respond in people to people conversation is greatly hindered when you can only express your thoughts and feelings in a text messages. In my experience, I have friends who are comfortable with text messages as their preferred mode of communicating and when they talk in a group, their vocabulary and ability convey a thought or an Idea is limited to a select choice of words and phrases. Much is lost in the translation and in the understanding when you text. There is little to no emotion in a text and it is easy to misunderstand the intend of whats being said.

When you have the experiences of meaningful conversation and effective communication with family, friends and coworkers you grow as a person and you learn more about people and being sociable. Sending text messages can be useful and effective, but should not be a supplement or replace the good old fact way of talking.

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